UFC 287: Alex Pereira Vs Israel Adesanya Odds & Preview

UFC 287: Alex Pereira Vs Israel Adesanya Odds & Preview

This weekend, the UFC is bringing an amazing card, headlined by one of the most anticipated rematches of the year. The newly minted UFC 287  middleweight champion Alex Periera is set to make his first defense, against longtime rival and former champion Israel Adesanya.

This fight has extremely high stakes, and if you want to take them up a notch, and some bets, we have got you covered. Here is our take on the fight, along with the betting odds from Jazz Sports and our final prediction.

UFC 287 Preview

The rivalry between Adesanya and Pereira has been one for the ages. The pair have fought twice in kickboxing, and once in the UFC as well, with Periera winning all three fights. However, the results alone don’t paint a complete picture.

The first kickboxing fight was very controversial, and in my opinion, Adesanya should have gotten the decision. In the second fight, Adesanya also proved to be the better technical fighter and even knocked Pereira down once, however, he lost the fight via knockout. In their first UFC fight the story was quite similar. Adesanya was winning rounds, but Pereira finished the fight in the final round winning by knockout.

So, it is quite apparent looking at these three fights that Adesanya is at a serious power disadvantage. He needs to be perfect for the entire 25 minutes, avoiding punches, and landing his own to win rounds, whereas Periera can end the fight at any moment.

One of the most interesting things in the first MMA fight was the use of grappling from both sides. Adesanya landed a good takedown and got some solid control time on the ground in the third round, and Periera landed a takedown of his own in the second. I believe that this is going to be much more of an MMA fight than the last, with both fighters using more grappling.

wrestling could be very useful for Adesanya, as it would allow him to stay safe, and get more control time while tiring Periera out, who in my opinion, will be more aggressive in this fight, looking for an early finish. Periera would also benefit from a lot of mixing in some takedown attempts, as this would allow him to push Adesanya to the cage, and then land his power shots.

UFC 287 – Tale of the tape

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Alex Pereira Vs Isreal Adesanya
35 Age 33
6 feet 4 inches Height 6 feet 4 inches
79 inches Reach 80 inches
7 wins 1 loss Record 23 wins 2 losses
6 Knockouts 15
0 Submissions 0

Isreal Adesanya

Win via TKO

November 12th, 2022

Last Fight Alex Pereira

Loss via TKO

November 12th, 2022


Betting Odds From Jazz Sports

Alex Pereira: +112 underdog

Isreal Adesanya: -136 Favorite

UFC 287 Prediction

Overall, this fight is very difficult to predict, especially with someone like Periera in the mix. I’m siding with the new champion, Alex Periera on this one, as I believe that he will be much more confident, and will be able to finish the fight earlier this time.

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