Clippers Now Favorites To Sign Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard just led the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA Championship and while they celebrate the historic achievement, free agency starts in under two weeks and the entire league is curious about Leonard's future.

Leonard was acquired in a trade with the Spurs in the offseason and he will be a free agent after putting together a playoff run for the ages. This is what Leonard said about his journey this past year:

"A lot of people doubted me, thought I was either faking an injury or didn’t want to play for a team. That was disappointing to me."

The Klaw is the first player to win NBA Finals MVP in both conferences. He won the award for the first time in 2014 when he led the Spurs against the then two-time defending champion Heat.

Leonard averaged 28.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 2.0 steals and 1.2 blocks on 43.3 percent shooting in 40.5 minutes over six games in the NBA Finals against the Warriors and he's also the first player since Larry Bird in 1984 to lead the league in points, rebounds and steals in an entire playoff.

Kawhi Leonard is a fun guy but he's also a private person and rumors suggest that he might sign a short-term contract with the Raptors or go to the Clippers. The Lakers will definitely make a run at him but it seems that it will be down to the Raptors and Clippers.

Where Will Kawhi Leonard Play Game 1 of the 2019-20 NBA Season?
(Courtesy of Jazz Sports)

Los Angeles Clippers -125

Toronto Raptors -150

Los Angeles Lakers +450

Brooklyn Nets +1000

New York Knicks +1000

Field (all others) +200

Check odds here:

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