New news about the kidnapping of important Sportbook executive.

A few days ago we reported on the arrest of the people involved in the kidnapping of a sportsbook executive, the abduction happened on September 24, 2018, when the executive left his office in San José Costa Rica.
The kidnapping
Recently it was announced that 2 of the suspects work as transit officers and played a significant role in the execution of the kidnapping. The officers placed a police checkpoint through which they managed to intercept and detain the victim, once the victim stopped to comply with the routine police checkpoint the criminals then kidnapped the sportsbook executive..
Despite the fact that the Prosecutor's Office requested preventive detention for all those involved in the case, a judge of the Criminal Court of the Second Judicial Circuit of San José ruled that the transit officers could free subject to precautionary measures which usually means checking in once a month with the court and keep a fixed address.  They also had to deliver their passports and they will not be able to speak with witnesses related to the case. The decision of the judge did not please the Public Prosecutor's Office who appealed the decision and seek that the traffic officers be placed in preventive detention.
The escape with the Bitcoins
With the arrest of the kidnappers, more details are now known about how they acted and how they tried to escape from the authorities. In the case of the main believed to have masterminded the kidnapping, 25-year-old Morales Vega, he left Costa Rica for Panama once he received the payment of $ 1,000,000 in Bitcoins. From Panama, he traveled by air to El Salvador from where he traveled to Cuba and stayed for about a month. Finally, from Cuba, he moved to Spain where he moved around first living in Alicante and then in Zaragoza where he was later arrested.  

The Arrest
Morales and the rest of the members of the band were found thanks to the joint actions of the Costa Rican Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), the FBI and the Civil Guard of Spain. It is the OIJ who managed to follow the trail of the virtual money to an IP address located in the house of Morales in Cartago, Costa Rica. From this discovery, they manage to put together all the case pieces and locate all those involved.

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