Family Clan and 2 traffic police participated in kidnapping of owner of Sportsbook

Two traffic policemen were the cornerstone in the plan of the criminal organization behind the kidnapping and disappearance of William Sean Creighton, a 43-year-old American owner of a sportsbook located in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, and who was kidnapped September 24, 2018. In the crime complex, 5 members of a family, several relatives and the 2 traffic policemen participated.

As described by Walter Espinoza, director of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), the action of the officers allowed intercepting the victim when he was traveling aboard his vehicle in the Granadilla sector of Curridabat.

From there the kidnapping occurred ...

A man, his mom and his girlfriend: the Ticos brains behind the kidnapping of a foreigner. Of the 12 detainees so far, the 3 alleged leaders who planned the kidnapping stand out. The three are Costa Ricans and fled to Spain. Until this Friday, they remained hidden in the city of Zaragoza: it is a man, his girlfriend and his mother. At the moment, the victim of the kidnapping is still missing and the OIJ deploys this Friday a raid related to the case, in the La Trinidad de Moravia sector.

Who are the alleged leaders of the group?

This is a 25-year-old named Morales Vega. In addition, his mother -of 45 years- of Vega Aguirre surnames and his sentimental partner of surnames Solís Chaves, 24 years old. Morales never had a working relationship with the victim and is believed to have selected his target due to his knowledge of virtual currency and betting issues. After committing the kidnapping, Morales fled to Cuba, El Salvador and Spain. In Cuba he met with his mother and his girlfriend to travel to the European continent.

How did the events happen?

On the night of September 24, Creigthon was approached while driving through Granadilla de Curridabat. Previously, the kidnapper group had guarded the outskirts of the victim's company to design and execute the plan. With the help of the traffic police, 4 individuals traveling in a pick-up, including Morales Vega, removed the victim from his car and apparently moved him to La Trinidad de Moravia. In that event also participated a man named Vega Aguirre, who is uncle of the main suspect and brother of his mother.

How much did they ask the family from abroad?

At first, they asked for a ransom of $ 5 million. However, in the end the relatives paid around $ 1 million in virtual currency (bitcoins). There were 2 contacts after the kidnapping to negotiate the payment. These money transfers were managed through 3 virtual wallets. The investigation began on September 25, 2018 when money had already been paid, but the victim had not (or has not) been located. Precisely, the tracking of the computers where the money would have been received was vital to tie the case and bind the suspects.

Who is the 25 year old?

The group leader is appointed by the OIJ as a young expert in virtual currency and online betting management issues. He never worked for Creighton, however it is believed that because of his knowledge of the subject to which the victim's company is dedicated, he opted to put the magnifying glass on him.

Why would they have taken the victim to Moravia?

There lives a woman with last names Aguirre Leal, 71, who is the grandmother of Morales Vega and mother of Vega Aguirre. His house would have served as the first captivity site to hold the victim. The older adult was also arrested today. While that happened, the car of the victim was transported by another of the kidnappers - surnamed Ford - who left him after a crash in San Isidro de Heredia.

What did the alleged kidnappers do in Spain?

It is believed that the main suspects were constantly moving between different places. There they had in their power thousands of euros in cash and documentation that relates them to the sending of electronic money and the mining of the 'bitcoins'.

What was the mother of the alleged leader doing?

It is believed that he played an active role in the crime, as he would have followed up with the victim outside the sportsbook. Also, I would have received part of the virtual money as payment for the supposed release.

Where were the raids made?

There were 9 actions that allowed the capture of an equal number of defendants in places such as Cartago, La Unión, Guadalupe, Moravia, Santo Domingo de Heredia and Limón. In Zaragoza, Spain. Three people were arrested.

What was found in the raids in Costa Rica?

Firearms, cell phones, tablets, computers, vehicles, SIM cards, annotated papers and shopping vouchers; in addition to cash in dollars. The pick-up that would have been used to kidnap the American was confiscated days ago.

And what was found in Spain?

In Zaragoza, at least € 4,000 was placed in cash, cards used for virtual currency transactions, an accounting book and electronic devices.

Who are the 12 detainees?

Morales Vega: 25 years old and alleged leader of the group. Arrested in Spain.

Vega Aguirre: 45 years old, mother of Morales and another of the leaders. Arrested in Spain.

Solís Chaves: 24 years old, girlfriend of Morales Vega.

Vega Aguirre: 46 years old, uncle of Morales and brother of Vega Aguirre. Presumed kidnapper

Aguirre Leal: 71 years old, grandmother of Morales and mother of the Vega Aguirre. He would have put his house in La Trinidad de Moravia to move the kidnapped.

Sanabria Abarca: 35-year-old woman, presumed kidnapper. With a history of aggravated robbery.

Martínez Chacon: 39 years old, alleged kidnapper.

Sánchez Gamboa: 45 years old, alleged kidnapper.

Medrano Vargas: 34 years old, Transit officer, who would have helped stop the car where the victim was going.

Jiron Lopez: 36 years old, Transit officer, who would have stopped the car where he was going to the victim.

Ford Dowman: 37 years old, alleged kidnapper who took charge of the car from abroad.

Rivera Masís: 64 years old, presumed participant in the retention of the American.


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