2024 Men’s NCAA Tournament Odds & Preview

2024 Men's NCAA Tournament Odds & Preview

The UConn Huskies are celebrating their fifth National Championship while we turn our attention to 2024. Read on for our preview of the 2024 Men’s NCAA Tournament with a breakdown of who the favorites are and who is the best pick to win.

It is never too early to place your bets for next year’s NCAA Men’s College Basketball National Champion at JazzSports. In fact, every team has +1000 odds or longer at this point in the year in our sportsbook.

Read on for our preview of the 2024 Men’s Basketball season with a breakdown of who the favorites are and who is the best pick to win.

2024 Men’s NCAA Tournament Preview

Favorites to win by Jazzsports

Kentucky +1100

Duke +1200

Purdue +1200

UConn +1200

Kansas +1500

Kentucky +1100

The Kentucky Wildcats had a relatively down year in 2023 despite having a team with a lot of experience. They are going to turn the page on 3 starters and 5 key players total heading into next season. Nevertheless, Kentucky will be reloaded with what is projected as the top recruiting class in the country.

Even with a relatively underwhelming and somewhat middling season last year, the Wildcats showed there is a lot to be optimistic about in the near future. 

The Wildcats are getting exactly what they need in the backcourt after freshman Cason Wallace declared for the NBA draft. Robert Dillingham, the no. 2 ranked guard in the country, has committed to join John Calipari in Lexington to become the primary ball handler on the team. Dillingham comes from a pro-am league last season where he averaged more than 14 points, 3 boards, 2 steals and nearly 5 assists per game. He will be joined by range 2-guard Justin Edwards who will be a flexible addition to the lineup at multiple positions.

There is a lot riding on some young players stepping in and making an impact. That can be a sketchy position when you are laying down a bet in April. Just know that on paper this Kentucky team can certainly be 1 of Coach Cal’s best in some time if it gels together.

Duke +1200

Duke coach John Scheyer hit the ground running in Cameron, leading his team to an ACC Championship in his first season. He compiled the best record a first-year coach has ever had at Duke, going 27-9 on the season.

The Blue Devils have a good group returning and they are going to add a big presence in the middle with center Ryan Young coming to man the middle. This was 1 of the best rebounding teams in the country with an all-around strong defense. It is easy to imagine it being even better next season.

Forwards Mackenzie Mgbacko and Sean Stewart will add to that dominance on the glass while bringing even more to the offense. Mgbacko is a double-double almost every time he steps on the floor with size that puts him on equal footing with the upperclassmen he will face. The Blue Devils also have a couple of highly touted guards coming in to compete for minutes.

Duke may have recovered from a lull faster than many were expecting. By the end of the season, the writing was on the wall. The Blue Devils are ready to again contend, not just in the ACC but in the big dance. In the group of +1200 teams, including +1100 Kentucky, the Blue Devils stand above as the best bet to win the National Championship. Expect a very profitable cash out offer as the tournament nears next season.

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