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Major League Soccer Stats

Stat List

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1Alejandro Romero Gamarra9
2Mauro Diaz8
3Sebastian Giovinco7
3Miguel Almirón7
3Alphonso Davies7
3Federico Higuain7
7Víctor Vázquez6
7Luciano Acosta6
7Borek Dockal6
7Ignacio Piatti6
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Goals Against Average

1Zack Steffen.79
2Tim Melia.93
3Brad Guzan1.07
4Jimmy Maurer1.10
5Luis Robles1.18
6Stefan Frei1.31
7Sean Johnson1.33
8Andre Blake1.40
9Matt Turner1.44
10David Bingham1.53
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1Bradley Wright-Phillips15
1Josef Martínez15
3Alberth Elis13
3Ignacio Piatti13
3Danny Hoesen13
3Miguel Almirón13
7Alejandro Romero Gamarra12
7Carlos Vela12
7David Villa12
7Maximiliano Moralez12
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Save Percentage

RkPlayerSv Pct
1Jeff Attinella.85
2Tim Melia.78
3Stefan Frei.74
4Bobby Shuttleworth.74
5Zack Steffen.74
6Andre Blake.73
7David Bingham.72
8Sean Johnson.72
9Jimmy Maurer.72
10Luis Robles.71
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1Evan Bush73
2David Bingham60
3Andre Blake57
4Matt Turner55
5Nick Rimando53
6Sean Johnson51
6Tim Melia51
8Stefan Frei49
9Andrew Tarbell47
10Tyler Miller45
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1Brad Guzan9
2Sean Johnson8
2Tim Melia8
4Luis Robles7
4Tyler Miller7
4Nick Rimando7
7Zack Steffen6
7Joe Bendik6
7David Bingham6
7Matt Turner6
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